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"Nicole Eggert is the most beautiful woman on television. I have had a crush on her all my life and still think she is the best looking woman ever. The most beautiful face with a gorgeous smile. I only watch Baywatch if they are showing re-runs when she was on. Without her they are pointless. I hope she does more movies and TV shows. I could only dream of meeting her. She's the best. To top it all off, I love her voice."

"Nicky é a mais bela estrela da constelação de hollywood! Para mim é a actriz mais doce e querida de todas."

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"If I could give just one word to describe Nicole Eggert it would be "EXQUISITE"!!"

"I had the pleasure of hanging out with Nicole at Brownies in nyc. We have the mutual pleasure of being associates of the band SUGAR RAY, she sill has to autograph my cover and I still have to sing a Neil Diamond song for her."

"I love and admire Nicole Eggert I think she is the best in the world. I wish I could meet her and be able to look like her!!! She is my role model." kathleen.c.allbright@VALLEY.NET

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